the laws of maya movie review(2020)| tamil movie

the laws of Maya 2020 movie review| the laws of Maya 2020 review

the laws of maya movie review

Today I have brought you a story film named "the laws of maya".
It is a short film of about 26 minutes. So let's start.

The story begins with a young boy named Santosh. He sits in a car and calls his girlfriend but his call is busy.
After this he goes to his office and sits down and calls again but she does not pick up and then he starts drinking alcohol. And he says that if you die then I will kill you along with them, both will go to heaven together.

And he concocts the idea of ​​trying to kill her and speaks very directly upside down. Santosh loves her very much.

He calls her after waking up in the morning but she still does not wake up. After that he goes to her house. And then Santosh speaks to go on Long Drive and Sweta agrees.
Sveta asks that he is being told that he says that he does not know that he is just going on a long walk.
After this, Santosh asks that she was not taking her call cue, then she says that one of Ramesh had a fight with his mother and wife and he was very hurt.
And both of these things start to be debated.
And the people of Ramesh's house have borrowed some money from him and they are unable to return it.
Then after some time Santosh goes to park his car to buy coconut water and in that he mixes poison.
But accidentally his foot slips and the coconut water falls down.
After that, an auto driver is found on the way, in whose auto there is a pregnant woman and the auto goes bad and Santosh ties the auto in his car and takes him to the hospital.

She then talks about going to Surat and starts talking about Ramesh.
This irritates Santosh and he hates him strongly.
And she stops the talking car and there is a deep moat next to the path and as soon as Santosh goes to push Sweta from behind, two men come from behind and say that there is a mad elephant roaming here and then Sweta dies She survives while dying.
Shortly after this, Santosh goes down to the toilet and injures him by a mad elephant, after which he is in the hospital.
The doctor says that you have saved your life.
And when he sees his face in the face, he sees all this and his senses fly away. His face is full of hurt.

And the doctor says that beauty is seen from the heart, not from the face.

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