fantasy island movie review | fantasy island download and review | watchmovieshouse

fantasy island movie review | fantasy island review | watchmovieshouse

fantasy island movie review | fantasy island download and review | watchmovieshouse

  • let's talk about Fantasy Island now is honestly planning on tackling this kind of loosely in a video I've been working on that just talks about all of you know questionable horror movie releases that have come out in the new year because there are many and then like sprinkling the stuff that's actually genuinely worth your time but there is definitely enough to talk about just in fantasy island silhouette why the hell did not let's do it this is also gonna be loaded with spoilers because I just really don't care so if that's not kind of what you're in the mood for and you actually really care about watching this movie just go watch it so here we finally have the second installment of the Blum House Lucy Hale cinematic universe and the second scary island movie of her career round of applause for Lucy now Blum house themselves have an interesting track record, on the one hand, they're behind amazing movies like get out and whiplash that still gets discussed today
  •  but their reputation as a whole is the reason why at last year's Sundance when the Blum House logo flashed on the screen before a movie one of the press and industry dudes just burst out laughing and walked his ass out of the theater so essentially you never know what you're gonna get they've got low budgets but often produce some of the best and most talked-about films for years to come and I'm usually down for even the worst of Blum House films I had a ton of fun with truth or dare 
  • when I caught it at home and maybe that's the key catching it at home on the comfort of your couch and not in a theater filled with teenagers on their phones always up in the air in their faces anyways but the concept here is actually good nabbed in retcon from no television show of the same name but still solid you get an island that makes people's deepest fantasies come true and there are a lot of ways you can make this work you can make it work as a drama you can make it work as a comedy and especially as a horror 
  • Fantasy Island tried to do all of the above at the same time but the fantasies themselves are self-appointed if it was a real fantasy island you figure you just show up and it would give you the thing that you secretly want the most which it does but only one time for one person Patrick here says he wants to be a soldier but what he really wants us to see his daddy again but later on when Gwen regrets her fantasy she uses that as a loophole that the moment she said she regretted wasn't actually the one she really did so the island got it wrong so she still owed her fantasy even though the only two rules of the islands are no new fantasy and each fantasy must be seen to its logical conclusion literally the only two established rules in this entire movie why did you even establish them basically I'm saying this movie is just loaded with inconsistencies and conveniences as the characters need them and it's for some of the affirmation reasons that this movie actually gets a little bit more heartwarming in areas than I anticipated it to but anyways has made abundantly clear in the trailers and by the fact that this is a Blum House movie the fantasies get to whist it and not because these people are weirdos into perf torture shit except Lucy Hale she's super into it which I kind of dig I hate myself but no the fantasies get twisted for more sinister reasons which are also all gonna get inconsistent other people have come here and had positive experiences 
  • I just I don't I don't understand but we'll get to that so again Patrick wants to be a soldier Gwen regrets not saying yes to a proposal like five years ago Lucy Hale wants revenge on her childhood bully then there's these two idiots who wish for everything and the island gives them a drug and alcohol fueled model party the whole weekend is orchestrated by Michael Pena's version of Roarke which definitely flips things up from the original where work always kind of felt like he was either an extension of the island or where like the real supernatural aspect was coming from whereas in this movie he becomes more of somebody who's essentially forced to do the islands bidding so you might be wondering how all these people got the luxury for this incredible experience so am i remediate Lee told they want a competition but we never find out where the competition was and with the islands tendency to twist fantasies and people's general and willingness to think of most of the realities behind some of the things they're asking for you think this place would have a bunch more sketchy reviews
  •  I can you imagine one of the people in this movie leaving and then like going on Yelp and giving a positive experience review to the whole thing I also assume Yelp has to be a sponsor because they mentioned it at least three times throughout so in terms of execution this movies pretty split it starts doing a good job teaching people lessons how your life and the things you've gone through are important for who you are but then it just gets so caught up we're trying to wind in these twists and completely inconsistent elements but no twist ends up being surprising at all by the time you get to it it also spends entirely way too much time trying to explain things and I guess if their logic is that most of the people watching this movie are teenagers on their cell phones during the movie they want to really make sure that even if you're only half paying attention the movie you can follow along with the plot because that's how you make movies those are loaded with a bunch of horrible jokes Dada punchlines awkward dialogue which honestly wasn't really outside my expectations for this so now we're getting down to some of the super spoilers so again as mentioned Lucy Hale is trying to get revenge on a childhood bully and after a super drawn-out explanation that probably could have been shown in a better way we learned that yeah this bully really sucked and kind of ruined their life and I can totally understand why she would want revenge on this person you just have to realize eventually that the best revenge is just living a better life anyways you get the scene from the trailer where she's down in that basement looking Room torturing her bully thinking it's a hologram but then realizing oh man it's real she's really in front of me and
  •  she's genuinely shocked and breaks her out and sure enough everything up to here seems fine wanting to live out a fantasy of hurting the people that have hurt you is totally normal but in reality it's not something that anybody would really want to go through with especially when it's not just I want to like take out some frustrations on a theoretical hologram bully and like actively torture and murder someone but here's the big twist when Gwen gets her second-round fantasy we learned that she accidentally started a fire in her apartment that resulted in someone's death and instead of just sending her back to before she started the fire so that she could just not do that they send her back during the blaze did you know it's a movie yeah because of this fire somebody in another apartment ends up getting trapped she tries to free him we quickly find out that all the people on the island were present during this fire Patrick was the cop who wouldn't go in and get involved until the fire department showed up the two idiot bros were his roommate that left without him because they assumed he was out on a date and the only one not present was Lucy Hale I know she has a name in this movie but I just really like calling her Lucy Hale 
  • Lucy Hale and we find out the reason why Lucy wasn't there is because she's the girl he was supposed to be on a date with oh my god guys this whole thing was actually just her fantasy all along to torture and kill the people she feels are responsible for the guy she wanted two dates death even though she's still got the bully fantasy and still seemed very convinced that the whole thing was real even though she would have already known that the whole thing was real because that wasn't actually her fantasy and it just makes less sense the more you try to think about it it also goes against the rule for one fantasy per guest because she definitely wanted revenge against this person and clearly was just set up to make it seem like she was equally as involved in this messed up situation as everybody else like there was literally no reason for that bully's storyline to even be in here in the grand scheme of things because that bully has nothing to do with what happened with this guy so she's definitely double dippin she's getting a two-for fantasy and if you kind of keep thinking you gotta wonder like how did she know that all these people were involved like
  •  I got understand how she could get Patrick's name because he was a police officer on duty but how did she know that that cop didn't go in when he arrived and I get that she could figure out the roommate's names but how does she know they left him there how did she know that they weren't already out and I guess it seems unlikely that she could know where or how the Steyr fire started but if you kind of assume that they say yeah it was started in one of the units in the apartment you could kind of figure out which one it was but then you have to go the extra stuff to figure out who lived there unless the fantasy was just vengeance overall in the island just knew who was technically involved in the orchestration of this guy's death indirectly because it's not like anybody directly was like I'm a lock you in his room so you burned to death it was all just an accident
  •  so unless the islands really going that extra next step in finding people which I guess makes sense but we don't get that that's not the impression that you get when you're watching it like she seemed like she knew 100% and that she was planning this whole thing and orchestrating it out so she could get to this island like the average prison is just gonna be like what a tragic accident this was but now Lucy Hale besides all that you might think yeah totally logical your boyfriend dies in a totally preventable way I'd be out for death too they had talked once before one time it was a really good one time and he made her feel more normal than anybody else in the world but one time he died during what would have been their first official dates girl you gotta learn to let some shit go and this also makes it seem like the reason why their fantasies got twisted because they were actually in her fantasy all along but michael rooker is actually trapped on the island and openly says that the island twists things so is everyone just destined for a horrific experience do you just need to be super specific about what you want so that doesn't happen I have no idea and it doesn't matter again 
  • I just think back to anybody who's gotten off the island like why would this place have any positive reviews at this point I don't know it doesn't matter so yeah it all gets exposed but surprise the bully can also get a wish now if she drinks some of the water because that's how the magic of the islands through the water so she drinks water from this canteen that Lucy Hale had and just conveniently drops randomly and I distinctly remember being like why would you drop that like what was the purpose of you dropping that water and I get it and once you find out the reveal it's like oh she has no intention of like exposing what's going on on the island that's why she drops it but it's such a random they could have done something where she hates gets caught on something and then she has to run and then it just falls but it's literally just kind of like it was so blatantly obvious an awkward beat of the way so she takes a gulp and rather than wishing for something like 
  • I wish none of this had ever happened and that we were all just back home she wishes for Lucy and the guy to be together forever so this literal burn zombie comes up out of the water drags her under and then she pulls a literal Jason Vorhees jumps back up takes the big breath and then gets drugged right back down like that was their attempt at a jump scare I can't you just leave this poor man alone he already burned to death and now you got to bring his spirit and burned corpse back into it so it ends more dumb stuff happens and it leaves on the definite potential for a sequel which some of you might be wondering like this is getting pretty bad reviews I don't think it made that much money how would they ever manage to make a sequel well you remember before how I said that Blum House tends to make things for like dirt cheap this movie costs seven million dollars to make most of which I assume went to renting the cruise liner that they needed to bring over the cast the crew in the gear and it has now made thirty five point three million dollars worldwide which for a lot of other movies is seen as a failure but for a movie that costs seven million dollars that's a lot of money some great success 
  • also I'd like to note the truth or dare costs three point five million was by the same director and essentially the same creative team so they were so happy with truth-or-dare that they doubled this man's budget so I know we just spent the last however many minutes this video ends up being like dunking on this movie but I didn't hate it as much as a lot of other people seem to like I think I gave it a 2 out of 5 on letterbox which is like I guess probably shockingly high the more I think about it I think it just tried to be a few too many things and kind of lost track of something that could have been a really interestingly executed plot which I guess it sometimes almost makes it worse like when you have all of the building blocks to make something really great and then you still just don't really manage to nail it and there's really no excuse for not nailing it that's almost more frustrating than if the whole thing is just a massive failure but I like Lucy Hale and I like her demented plan of just ruining everything for the people who stole her potential love
  •  but there are just so many inconsistencies in this movie and it doesn't go quite ridiculous enough to really laugh at it so my verdict here is watch it at home with a group of friends on the couch so that maybe you can occasionally yell at it and just have a good time so those are my thoughts on fantasy island let me know what you guys are thinking in the comment section down below it actually movies have to hit like a certain threshold for me to like really hate them and just really be super bothered by them and this didn't quite hit it like I went to go see a Blum House horror movie by the same team that made truth or dare my expectations were massively low it's not the worst experience let me know you guys are thinking in the comments section down below thank you as always to all my patreon supporters you make my day a lot less stressful and just thank you to anybody who subbed to this channel in general you guys are literally changing my life so thank you all so much for stopping by I hope you'll have a fantastic day and we'll catch you all later you 


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