i still belive movie review | cast | budget | i still belive movie download

I still believe movie review | cast | budget | I still believe movie download

I still belive movie summary:-
i still belive movie download

I still believe movie review:-

  • This movie tells the story of Christian artist Jeremy camp and his wife struggle and battle with cancer this star is an actor I don't know his name and an actress whose name I also don't know but it also stars Gary Sinise as Jeremy camps father and someone who apparently is Sania twain didn't really realize that as Jeremy's mom literally look nothing like Sania twain as I remember but we will leave that at that so as a disclaimer I am a Christian but I don't see many of these Christian movies they are just not, they are just not good. And when I was growing up they were awful okay they were very little budget just think of light behind series from it starking Kirk Cameron and you know what I am you know what I mean ok but there are getting better funding these days and they are getting better actors and they really stepped up their game,, to be honest, I never would have seen this movie if I didn't have free passes to it so I am very thankful that I got to go and hear the story.
  • First of all for my up thumbs unlike the Christian movies of the old days this is an actual movie with real acting and emotion it really builds up their love story and spends the whole first hour telling how they meet and fall in love in it and it then spends a half-hour priming you for what is the emotional murder of your soul and then leaves with five minutes of hope at that end, well played Christian movie.
  • The guy going on whats is name let's see give some credit KJ Appa whatever that guy who plays Jeremy camp he is excellent in this movie I really bought what he was selling and I hope to see him do more it was very emotional roll for him to pull off and he crossed it I totally what you are selling the girl who plays his wife, Melissa, I just looked it up her name is Britt Robertson she was also great and I really just feel like I was watching a regular big-budget big-name acting in this movie across the board really and I know he won't get the credit in ever does but Gary Sinise performance as Jeremy's father was such a big thumbs up for mee and it reminds me of how Great and yet under-appreciated this guy was. 
  • Lieutenant Dan and I really I would like to see him get some recognition for a supporting role in this movie and like I said apparently least Sania twain is in this someone who is calling themselves Sania it looks nothing like her but she is in it's also not look up his name for you but the guy who played their friend john-Luc he was also really good in this too and he packed a very good emotional punch as well. but apparently, the goal of this is movie is basically to pound you to death with emotion until you die from sadness it's in the trailer it's not a spoiler the wife gets cancer even Titanic wasn't so brutal to drive out like half an hour worth of a movie and basically expecting you to cry like the whole time which is what I feel like I need to be doing for like 26 minutes I am like I had tears piling up and layering up on the top of each other.
  • The whole entire time this is going on I am like terrified that Garry Sinise hit me one more time in the fields with that Garry Sinise and I am just gonna explore in this in this theatre just all in all thought seriously this movie about faith in God and whole and believes in his promises I'm a fan of Jeremy camps music but knowing this back story it really adds a lot of deft to what I have been listening to for the past 10 years or what it has quite if you like in the first hour of the movie has quite a few cute funny parts and sold it really sold a believable love story also it got me it's gonna get you I am not gonna spoil it for you but just wait for the path near the end I am just wanna say with the guitar on the floor most boiler guitar on the floor if you don't lose control of your tear ducts at the. You may not have a soul ok just saying you may not have a soul.
  • now for my thumbs down for this movie is there is not a lot here a lot of things some this movie very few down thumbs I am very very pleasantly surprised wild whilst the bar may have seemed low going in it raise the bar for the future like Christian movies or whatever spiritual movies this movie just savage on the field to the point of like being and share like I mean in this theatre I can't really leave but I just wanted to grow cry in a corner by myself so I am gonna get half it down a theme for that because it was just brutal.

I still believe cast:-

  • KJ Apa 9Jeremy Camp)
  • Britt Robertson(Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp)
  • Gary Sinise(Tom Camp, Jeremy's dad)
  • Shania Twain(Terry Camp, Jeremy's mom)
  • Melissa Roxburgh(Heather Henning, Melissa's sister)
  • Nathan Parsons (Jean-Luc, a mutual friend also looking on Melissa)
  • Abigail Cowen (Adrienne Camp, who is Jeremy's second wife)

I still believe song/soundtrack:-

  • "I Still Believe"
  • "Jeremy Says Goodbye"
  • "This Man"
  • "Take My Hand"
  • "Find Me In the River"
  • "Some Stars Shine Brighter Than Others"
  • "My Desire" 
  • "Dwelling Places (Dialog)"
  • "Right Here" 
  • "Melissa Loves Jeremy" 
  • "You Call I'll Answer"
  • "Walk By Faith (Dialog)"
  • "Ancient Stories Still Relevant"
  • "Hey, What’s Your Name Again?" 
  • "Walk By Faith (2020 Version)" 
  • "I Still Believe"
  • "I Can’t Save Myself (Bonus Track)"

I still believe release date:-

  • California 7 march 2020
  • North American theaters 13th march 2020

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