asur web series review | asur web series cast | Arshad warsi

Asur web series review | Asur web series cast | Arshad Warsi

asur web series review | asur web series cast | Arshad warsi

Asura web series review

  • We all have heard a lot of stories of God and devil in my childhood, if you do good then you will find God and if you walk on the path of evil, then you have a guarantee of meeting devil, but if I tell you that we both have both god and evil. You are sitting in a cliff and God or the devil will not come from above, but it is hidden inside us, at which time, who has got out, the decision of that is in your hands. Land The entire game is the Karma world is small enough that you do it, in turn, comes back to walk you sooner or later you're even course will be
  •  If you like to watch a World-class thrill, then this time your needle will not get stuck by going to any Hollywood movie or Series, this time your search is going to end in Bollywood, it is difficult to believe but Asur has made everyone aware.
  • There was a time when we had gone completely crazy about Sacred Games and had not even praised Indian cinema, but frankly, this time we have crossed this level as well. Such an intelligent web series has come in front of us. Which also scares you and forces you to keep an eye on yourself. Three, Suspense and Mystery have a tremendous scare of science which brings Asur web series apart from the rest of the Indian web series. There is also the most important thing at this Web series in total 8 episodes and each episode is 30 to 40 minutes, and you can reach the end of it you want to see the whole show at once loses about 5 hours.


Asura web series watch online

  • Are you wondering where to watch it, where all the episodes of Asura will be found on the voice and the lotus point is that you can watch it for free for 14 days?


  • Series begins with different unusual kinds of models, who, at a glance, are overwhelmed by the senses of the entire Police Department, with the lives of humans being played in such a way that the person in front of them starts to miss God. In all these murders there is always the same. The first is this strange looking mask whose connection is with a devil and the second is the uniformity that every Victim's body The index finger of his straight hand is cut by the head, in such a situation, the responsibility of solving these cases is given to the senior officer of CBI, Dhananjay Rajput, he is a brainwashed driver and goes to the imprisonment of big demons. In science, his secret runs and from the fingerprints to the different smells that fly in the air, he also recognizes the big mystery by pinching them. Another CBI officer Nikhil to students is the Speshly for import it can stand together shoulder to shoulder with them in case there were student Dntrrjay any time but the finesse and intelligence,
  • The twist in the story comes when the connection of both Dhananjay and Nikhil is connected with these serial killings somewhere, both of them have had some incidents due to which these murders have started, a chance also comes. When these two are pitted against each other and the suspicion game starts in the web series, it is not that the killer is someone who can complete a task Trying to cheat him with a different identity, after all, who is the Asura in the story who plays with the life of a human being by resorting to Mythology and then throws his entire body in front of the police like a trophy. 
  • Have to find the answers to the questions, do not delay at all to see the demon. Watch the series become something special, the suspense added to it, which further deepens with the episodes, is going to be yours. This is the first such web series that really seems to be planning Hollywood level, there are some such disturbing scenes too. If you have gone to Dell, you can soak up your nights of sleep for a few days and it might be possible to get some strange photo stuck in your eyes, which is very difficult to get rid of. 
  • But the biggest hidden in this film is that in a mastermind killer who keeps the entire web series moving around with his gestures, you have to dust your eyes or cheat the show's characters with love, this serial killer will do everything He completes with perfection. After a lot of time, we have seen a show in which Hero Toh is very much a driver, but Villian is also vicious, the rat cat and Asura was going to give you a chance to see the screen leg that you were hearing about the game, so to speak in short words, Asura is a strong thriller which is going to make your mind go round and round, just the condition is so full. Attention should remain in this web series if anything is missed by mistake, then the bird kept circling, repenting 4 Asura out of 5 from my side.

Asura web series IMDb

  • 9.4/10

Asura web series cast

  • Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay Rajput
  • Barun Sobti
  • Anupriya Goenka
  • Riddhi Dogra
  • Sharib Hashmi
  • Amey Wagh
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